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P&G Exec calls for Uniform Measurement System

P&G Exec calls for Uniform Measurement System

Ted McConnell, Procter & Gamble’s manager of interactive marketing and innovation, told an audience Monday that online adveritising accounted for only 3.7 percent of advertising spending last year and not a larger figure because the internet has no generally accepted measurement system for traffic.

According to Media Post, he said that the solution is to develop a system like the Nielsen ratings used to measure television audiences.

I don’t agree with his solution but he’s right on one thing, the lack of coherent measurement of traffic makes it difficult for all internet sites in selling advertising, blogs included. The problem with a Nielsen ratings system is that its measurement using a few people applied to many too easily excludes smaller sites. However, this said, there should be the formulation of some common way of measuring the net value of traffic to a site.

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