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Photo blogging site selects StrongMail

Photo blogging site selects StrongMail

StrongMail Systems, Inc. announced that Fotolog, a photo-blogging community with growth rate of one million new members every six weeks, has selected StrongMail to further enhance its member experience and accommodate explosive growth with a reliable platform for marketing and transactional email.

Fotolog generates a high volume of transactional email from member registrations and automatic notifications of blog posts, photo uploads and other community-building tools. Extremely popular in Latin America and Europe, Fotolog’s members have posted more than 200 million photos and 2 billion guestbook comments. Fotolog’s sharing and collaborative environment depends heavily on the reliable and prompt delivery of email to its 8 million members across 200 countries.

“As Fotolog drives explosive growth around the world, we are continuing to update our member experience in order to further build and realize the full value of our large and engaged member base,” said John Borthwick, CEO of Fotolog, Inc. “As we build one of the world’s largest social media networks at the intersection of digital photography, blogging and social networking, we need an email platform that can scale reliably, and StrongMail will play a pivotal role in keeping our community informed of new user-generated content and updated account information.”

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