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Podcasting makes waves

Podcasting makes waves

Podcasting, or Audio Blogging, has become the centre of attention in old media this week in a rush of stories covering various aspects of the ever growing medium.

USA Today writes in an article titled “Radio to the MP3 degree: Podcasting” that “Big tech and media companies could not have foreseen this potentially disruptive hitch to their grand strategies”.

NPR posts audio on “the rise of podcasts

Business Week’s Tech Beat doesn’t bother explaining podcasting itself, but points to an online clip of a how to podcast video from Lisa Williams.

OnWisconsin covers the rise of the often controversial Dawn and Drew Show. reports that the BBC is playing with podcasts.

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And there are many, many more stories emerging daily on the medium.

The steep rise in reporting of the medium points towards Podcasting being this years “it” thing.

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