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Presidential Medal of Freedom Goes To … A Blogger?!

Presidential Medal of Freedom Goes To … A Blogger?!

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the the United States’ highest civilian honor. It might surprise you to know that in spite of its more controversial recipients in recent years, one of its most recent recipients is in fact, a blogger.

Which would make the recipient in question the most distinguished blogger in the world.

Who is this blogger? Gary Beck, an economist who, incidentally, has also won the Nobel Prize back in 1992.

Mr. Beck was honored with a number of others, including C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb, former Rep. Henry Hyde of Illinois, imprisoned Cuban dissident Oscar Elias Biscet, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, scientist Francis Collins and former NAACP President Benjamin Hooks.

It turns out that Mr. Beck had won the Medal of Freedom for his works in economics — not, sadly, in blogging; however, he has been blogging since 2004 with a partner, Richard Posner, who is no slouch himself, being a judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Together they write regularly at, which is a blog that focuses on economic theory and world events. At least that’s what I think its on, as it looks to be fairly hard core — from an economics point of view. To me, any post which begins with “Malthus and the many neo-Malthusians of modern times assume that the threat from world overpopulation would show up first in rising food prices … ”

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On the other hand, what else would you expect from a pair of dueling minds, both of whom are Professors, and both of whom have published stacks of books on their respective interests.

If economic theory floats your boat, check their blog out; otherwise, you can add “Blogger as Presidential Medal of Freedom Winner” to your list of blogger-related trivia when your friends and family ask you “… but who really blogs?”

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