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ReadWriteWeb profiles nine company blogs

ReadWriteWeb profiles nine company blogs

Over at ReadWriteWeb (RWW) – Marshall takes a look at nine solid company blogs that are a good read::

You can’t talk about interesting company blogs without mentioning Signal vs. Noise, the wildly successful blog about design, usability and small business from the makers of project management service Basecamp. This blog could easily stand on its own as compelling reading even if there wasn’t a company behind it selling services. Sure enough, it’s even got an ad on it from the elite boutique ad network The Deck. Signal vs. Noise has 88k subscribers – making it fun and educational for those subscribers is great for the business of 37signals.

Signal v. Noise is my single favorite company blog out there.

There’s rarely a day that goes by that I don’t find something of interest on SVN. I’ve been watching the development of Backpack’s Journal with great interest – which they announced earlier this week.

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What company blogs do you read and recommend?

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