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Red and Black in attack on Blogging

Red and Black in attack on Blogging

The Red and Black, a newspaper serving the University of Georgia, has joined the war on blogging with an attack headed by Katie Reetz, who writes that she is “concerned about confusing the mainstream media with guys eating Oreos in their parents basement while posting tasty tidbits online”.

In the piece titled “Blogging not the same as journalism” Reetz trots out the same old sad lines that are endemic amongst the combatants of old media in their attacks.

What’s perhaps different with this attack in an apparent facination with laundry. The forth paragragh reads “You can change the world in between changing loads of laundry”.

Unlike some of her other friends in the old media, Reetz writes with a little more satricial cynicism than others: “As the Internet continues to blur the line between real life and its virtual equivalent, blogging has become the latest sphere to hide beneath the guise of a reliable news source”.

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But alas, the need of motherly assistance is used once more in the same old line about how much better she is because she has an editor; “There are no constraints on what can be written and who can write it…There’s no helpful, experienced editor looking over bloggers’ shoulders offering them years of journalistic expertise and advice.”

Another name for the list :-)

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