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Remainders: 8/22/06

Remainders: 8/22/06

Darren Rowse takes a look at the new Amazon aStores.

Search Engine Journal reviews their first 7 days running ads from the Yahoo Publisher Network:

The results of that week were quite revealing as when digging through the numbers we encountered some untargeted advertisements, RSS feed ads, behavioral targeted ads in the Denver Airport, growing eCPM and click value for the ads, and some sporadic under-performance at times. We’€™ve also been surprised to login occasionally to find earnings and CPM numbers for off-days or weekends shoot through the roof, which is the opposite of most advertising trends on this site.

$170 million dollars later and the FBI still doesn’t have a usable case management system. Did I mention we do consulting?

Jeremy Wright posts his thoughts on the TechCrunch party.

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Chris Pearson asks when does a blog become a magazine?

Robert Young, blogging at GigaOM, suggests that Steve Jobs buy YouTube.

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