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Remember Facebook?

Remember Facebook?

Sometimes it is good to get a reminder about how things relate to each other. The way we all buzz about Twitter obviously means that it is not only a huge service, but also a rewarding one to be using and talking about. However, as pointed out in the Royal Pingdom blog, you shouldn’t forget about Facebook. Why? The numbers:

On July 15, Facebook announced that it had 250 million active users, and on September 15, two months later, it had reached 300 million users. Facebook grew by 50 million users, roughly the equivalent of an entire Twitter, in just two months.

So yeah. Twitter is huge and great and dandy, soon to be worth even more money, but Facebook is still the juggernaut that just plays on a different level. In the midst of the Techmeme buzz and the millions of blog posts talking about the brilliance of Twitter, it is easy to forget about that.

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