Russian student expelled for blogging

A Russian student has been expelled from a prestigous economics school due to criticisms of the school he made on his SixApart LiveJournal Blog.

Anatoly Yushchenko, at student of the Murmansk Economics, Statistics and IT College, apparently criticised an amateur concert organized by the schools student council, which was then distributed in hardcopy to other students at the school.

Perhaps even more strangley, Yushchenko was not automatically expelled but given the option to quit blogging or else. He declined, and was then booted out. also reports that a second-year student at the St.-Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, Valentina Knysh, was also expelled recently for criticizing her lecturer in “very unfavorable terms” on her SixApart LiveJournal blog.

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For stats fans, SixApart LiveJournal is also described in the reports at being the most popular blogging service in Russia. Stats this morning indicate that there are 165553 Russian bloggers using the service.

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