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Saudi Arabian Teen Arrested For Online Video Conversations With American Blogger

Saudi Arabian Teen Arrested For Online Video Conversations With American Blogger

Abu Sin Saudi Arabia blogger

A teenage blogger in Saudi Arabia is facing serious charges in Riyadh after online conversations between himself and an American blogger went viral.

Known online only as Abu Sin, the Saudi Arabian teen was arrested for participating in what authorities call “unethical behavior” with popular live-streamer, Christina Crockett. The viral videos were uploaded to YouNow and YouTube and featured the two having a simple conversation.

Crockett is a popular broadcaster for the live-streaming site, YouNow and she has became known for allowing her fans to talk with her via split-screen in what is known as “guesting.”

“I guested this kid – I don’t know what he’s saying because I don’t speak Arabic, [but] everyone thought he was really funny, and everyone liked him, and I guess this video went viral,” she said.

The video show Crockett and Abu Sin trying to understand each other, but yet conversing for hours.

“He didn’t speak much English, so I was trying to get him to understand what I was saying most of the time; it wasn’t that good communication,” Crockett said. “He was dancing and being funny, we would both dance on there because we can’t communicate with words. It was pretty funny.”

According to a Riyadh police spokesperson, 19-year-old Abu Sin might of amassed plenty of online fans, but also received a large amount of comments from people demanding he be punished for his actions.

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Saudi Arabian teen

“His videos received many comments and many of the commenters of the general public demanded for him to be punished for his actions,” Al-Maymann told the Saudi Gazette. “The two of them composed enticing videos which received thousands of followers and viewers from all over the world within a short period of time.”

After receiving so many complaints, authorities began tracking Saudi Arabian teen’s online activity, which led to his arrest. His arrest took place while he was live-streaming with friends. In the footage later uploaded to YouTube, it shows his friends explaining to the camera what is happening.

Abu Sin is still in custody.

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