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School blog warnings spread to West Coast

School blog warnings spread to West Coast

School initiated warnings against blogs and blogging have now officially crossed the United States, with the first outbreak of “blogging is bad for kiddies” warnings emerging in California this week.

Acalanes School District, California, is urging parents to take a look at what their kids are up to on teen blogging sites like Superintendent Jim Negri has sent an e-mail to parents last week warning them about potentially “offensive cyberantics”.

Negri told the Contra Costa Times
“This is not to say that all blogs are bad, because they aren’t,” said Negri, who says he sometimes reads political blogs himself. “But there’s a lot of things out there that are unsafe for students.”

The District also recently blocked access to blogging networks from school computers.

Perhaps demonstrating that maybe some students do need a quick lesson in reality, Miramonte student Roxanne Robles stated “At first, when I heard … I was like, damn, how can they do that, how can they use our private life against us?”

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Hilariously though, concerned parents and officials are then quoted justifying their moves by saying that local kiddies are posting pictures of themselves drinking and partaking in other illegal activities, without actually seeking to stop the activities themselves, just the blogging about them part.

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