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Scoble & Israel to collaborate on live show ‘Workfast’

Scoble & Israel to collaborate on live show ‘Workfast’

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel will be collaborating on a new live web-video show called “Workfast’ according to a post on Shel Israel’s blog:

I’m co-hosting WorkFast with Robert. It is a live, half-hour interview show about the future of work. The premiere will be at 10 am [Pacific], Thursday June 5. After that, it will be every Friday at 10 am from the Revision3 Studios in San Francisco.

Yes the show has a well-known sponsor, but I’ll wait for the official FastCompany.TV announcement before saying who it is.

Each week, Robert and I will interview one or two guests on how internet-based technologies are making people and companies more productive. We’ll talk to tool-makers and tool-users. We’ll look at the history of office productivity and the future of it. We’ll bring in authors and experts.

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I guess I’m suprised by this – as Shel’s show on doesn’t appear to be well received – and Scoble’s show is a step above just being ok…. but I’m looking forward to seeing the new show and how it compares..

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