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Scottish Parliament told blogging is “a paedophile’s dream”

Scottish Parliament told blogging is “a paedophile’s dream”

The BBC reports that the Scottish Parliament has been told that Blogging is “a paedophile’s dream”.

Rachel O’Connell, A forensic psychologist spoke about the dangers of blogs and pictures posted directly online.

“This is just a paedophile’s dream because you have children uploading pictures, giving out details of their everyday life because it’s an online journal.” said O’Connell.

The psychologist, whose research and work with police and other agencies has included posing as a child on internet newsgroups, said predatory adults could use an RSS reader to gain access to any picture when it was added to a blog.

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“The parameters of grooming are now about to alter whereby they don’t necessarily have to have contact with the child,” she said.

In what could be regarded as a suggestion of a need for blog regulation, Dr O’Connell said there was “absolutely no internet safety information or guidance whatsoever on most blogging sites as their whole point was about giving out personal information.”

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