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Search Engine Roundtable Launches New SEO and SEM Forums

Search Engine Roundtable Launches New SEO and SEM Forums

Well know SEO blog The Search Engine Roundtable has launched a new SEO & SEM Forum.

‘€œThe Search Engine Roundtable Forums were launched in response to a growing industry need,’€? said Barry Schwartz, Rusty Brick Inc. ‘€œAlong with a group of well-known and revered forum moderators, I decided to create the Search Engine Roundtable Forums where a democratic style of governing and administering could be maintained.’€?

Moderators at the site include:
‘€¢ Ben Pfeiffer (aka Phoenix), Associate Editor of the Search Engine Roundtable
‘€¢ Rand Fishkin (aka Rand) of
‘€¢ DazzlinDonna of SEO Scoop
‘€¢ PK_Synths
‘€¢ Sufyaaan
‘€¢ Darrin Ward, Founder of SEO Chat Forums
‘€¢ Matthew Drouin (aka md_doc), Technical Administrator

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‘€œSearch Engine Roundtable’€™s Forums will differ slightly from other online SEO forums,’€? said Schwartz. ‘€œThe user titles play on the “roundtable” theme, in which all members earn higher title ranks, under the “imperial ranks” structure.’€?

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