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Second Missing Pakastani Blogger Found Fleeing Country

Second Missing Pakastani Blogger Found Fleeing Country

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Another story of a missing blogger has once again made headlines as controversy swirls around missing liberal activists. Pakistani blogger Aasim Saeed was reported missing earlier this month. However, it was quickly discovered that he had fled the country in fear of his life.

Saeed’s family spoke to the media about his disappearance. His father explained that he was detained by “state agencies” while visiting Pakistan from Singapore. The country has yet to confirm or comment on the five missing liberal activists, which included Saeed. Each of the missing persons had recently posted blogs criticizing the country’s politics, military or religion.

The news of Saeed’s recovery came on the heels of the disappearance of a popular poet and activist, Salman Haider. Saeed’s father says that it was his son’s social media posts that got him into trouble.

“My son is not against any agency, he is not against the military or government and he is not against Islam,” Ghulam Haider said. “The fact that he was set free means that he has been cleared of all charges.”

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Saeed’s case soon took a strange twist when the blogger appeared at his father’s house on Saturday. His visit was brief and once he had left, he called the next day to lt his parents know he was safe.

Haider speculates that his son fled back to Singapore, where he worked in IT, or to Germany. The whereabouts of the other activists is unknown and has led to many rights group questioning if there is enough being done to find and protect them. However, the Pakistani government alleges that they are all guilty of blasphemy. In Pakistan, the punishment for blasphemy is death.

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