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Seesmic Acquires Twhirl

Seesmic Acquires Twhirl

Twhirl is a free kickass desktop Twitter client using Adobe AIR, which means that it is available on both Windows and Mac platforms, and Linux soon (Adobe AIR 1.0 is out, so Twhirl should be too, soon at least). I’m a user myself since a few days now, and I like it.

And now it belongs to Seesmic, the video blogging community service (or whatever you want to call it) that lets you blog using your webcam, or upload video posts for that matter.

TechCrunch broke the story, which prompted a 20 reasons why blog post by Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur, and a video as well.

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Naturally, Seesmic will be added to Twhirl, although the feature will be optional. Twhirl will remain free, and the developer, Marco Kaiser, will continue his work on the client as an employee of Seesmic.

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