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Senate Democrats Leader praises Blogs

Senate Democrats Leader praises Blogs

In another day of mixed messages on blogging from high ranking members of the US Democratic Party, US Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has lauded the role of blogs in an interview with Raw Story.

Senator Reid contended that blogs give a voice to little people:

“What has happened in recent years.. [is] the concentration of media power, so one station, one owner can own 1,200 radio stations,” Reid said. “What this means is that wealth and power control most everything in this country. But one thing they do not control-wealth and power does not control the Internet…I think the blogs are a tremendously important way for the American public to find out what’s really going on…that’s why I go out of my way to communicate any way that I can on the Internet.”

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The Senator’s comments follows criticism of the medium from former US Presidential Candidate John Kerry, who criticised blogs in a speech to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston Feb 28.

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