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Serendipity 0.8 released

Serendipity 0.8 released

The Serendipity team has announced the immediate availability of the final release of Serendipity 0.8.

Serendipity is a fast growing PHP-powered weblog application that is rapidly growing fans in the blogosphere. The new features include

* Support for Smarty Templating
* Improved installer with new “Simple Installation” mode (reduced configuration options)
* Redesigned Administration Panel, Authoring Suite and Administration suite have been merged into one, new Item “Personal Configuration” has been created
* Amount of articles per page can now be changed in Configuration
* Syndication plugin offers to make RSS full content feeds (including extended entry)
* Added native import tool for Nucleus, WordPress, b2evo, bblog, bmachine, pmachine, geeklog, sunlog, Textpattern, phpBB and MoveableType installations, preserving entries, categories, users and comments. Improved import tool for handling charsets and HTML entities.
* New “View all entries by specific author” display
* New “View by Week” archives display
* Improved “Pretty URLs”
* Media Manager allows to upload files and insert the immediately in entry creation, support for hotlinking and searching for filenames. Also the media manager remembers the last selected options via Cookie.
* Support for Server-timezone offset
* Improved directory/file structure
* Serendipity can now be used with JustBlogIt Extension
* Allow trackbacking https files (if PHP’s https support is enabled)
* Use iframe technique to save an entry. This will make sending trackbacks visually more appealing and faster create a visual feedback for the author. This may introduce problems with old generation browsers, in which case this technique can be disabled. If you face any issues, please report them to the Serendipity team.
* Added option to send gzip’ed pages
* Allow persistent db connections
* Results of a search are now paginated
* Support for realnames of authors instead of login-name only
* Allow optional visitor-browser content-language negotiation
* RSS feeds can now hide all email adresse by configuration


* Improved performance of Plugin API
* Added install() and uninstall() methods
* Event plugins which previously used the ‘entry_display’ hook to set an entries page to not render now need to use the new hook ‘entries_header’ for the output, and the ‘clean_page’ hook to set the entries page to not render (via $eventData[‘clean_page’] = true). Existing plugins have been adapted to this already.
* Allow $plugin->get_config() to return the default value specified in introspect_config_item(), if no value is found.

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New/changed internal plugins

* serendipity_event_browsercompatibility: Allow to use transparent PNGs for Internet Explorer in both backend and frontend
* serendipity_event_entryproperties: Attach custom properties to entry: Sticky Entries, restricted access permissions, disabling nl2br plugin. It also allows to create a cache for a fully parsed entry, maximizing display performance
* serendipity_event_spartacus: A new EXPERIMENTAL plugin has been added to the distrubtion, which is a start for allowing easy downloading of external plugins from our CVS repository. It currently does not do very much apart from download plugins – it cannot yet update already installed plugins. The future for Spartacus is currently somewhat open, so “mileage may vary” for this plugin.
* serendipity_event_spamblock: Added SURBL functionality to check comments if they refer to spam links / IPs. Added option to hide email adresses on the frontend. Spamblock can now log to a database table. Fixed bug with wordfiltering.
* ‘Track Exits’ (serendipity_event_trackexits) plugin is no longer installed by default

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