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Shiny Media goes to Roo for online video strategy

Shiny Media goes to Roo for online video strategy

ROO Group, a global online video solutions for content providers, advertisers and websites, has partnered with the UK’s media publisher, Shiny Media, to launch three cutting- edge online TV channels, featuring technology, fashion and lifestyle content.

The video players will initially rollout across Shiny Media’s leading tech blogs including and as well as the award-winning fashion blogs and Within a short period of time, it is hoped the players will be extended across Shiny Media’s network of 40 blogs catering to an audience of 3.5 million unique visitors monthly.
The channels will offer exclusive news, reviews, interviews and more, created by Shiny Media’s in-house production team. These will be combined with a selection of ROO’s extensive video content. To date Shiny Media has used video sharing website YouTube for hosting the bulk of its video content. The ROO partnership will enable it to further explore the business potential in online TV.

Advertisers will be able to purchase pre-roll video ad formats and MPUs across the channels which will be sold by Shiny Media’s online advertising partner Unanimis. From launch Shiny Fashion TV will be sponsored by LG Mobile and the channel uniquely branded to reflect this. The company hopes to develop similar campaigns for the technology and lifestyle channels.

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