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Shoemoney subpoenaed in slander case

Shoemoney subpoenaed in slander case

It’s easy to get caught up in an online argument and start throwing around some crazy accusations. I’ve seen this happen to many a fine conversation.. even good hearted people sometimes say some things that they’d later wish they had not said.

And sometimes, things get so out of hand that the lawyers get involved…

Over at Shoemoney, it looks like they’ve been subpoenaed to provide testimoney and server logs in a slander case involving comments on one of their posts:

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I am sorry I have to be so vague but it appears that I am going to be deposition and logs from my blog will be subpoena for use in a case where 1 person slandered another on my blog. Anyway it looks like 1 of the people is seeking damages for what the other said on my blog.

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