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Six Apart offer two feature packs for business bloggers

Six Apart offer two feature packs for business bloggers

Six Apart has announced the launch of two add-on feature packs for Movable Type 4 aimed specifically at business bloggers.

The “Enterprise Solution” pack lets customers use Oracle and Microsoft enterprise databases rather than being confined to the standard MySQL and Postgres databases supported by MT4.

The “Community Solution” pack allows the blog to be synchronised with LDAP user directories, allowing permission-based rules to be applied to blog access.

The changes were made after feedback from Movable Type 3 users, and reflects how many business blogging platforms are also being used as content management systems.

“We’re not trying to go after the high-end content management solutions, but we know a whole lot of use cases that don’t require that level of software,” said Chris Alden, executive VP and general manager of professional software at Six Apart.

He also said that future feature packs would target the needs of publishers, universities, financial services, and human resources.

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The current feature packs will cost around US$20,000 each.

(Via Computer Business Review Online)

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