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Smartphones Driving Force Behind Online Shopping Surge

Smartphones Driving Force Behind Online Shopping Surge

Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60
Apple iPhone 3GS, Motorola Milestone and LG GW60 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The emergence of smartphones as the preferred mobile device of millions of people all around the world has changed not just the way we communicate and handle the various tasks of daily living. It has also changed the way we view commerce.

The increased power and features of smartphones mean a more reliable and stable connection to the internet and this is driving smartphone owners to use it as a device for buying stuff. According to research more than half of consumers use smartphones and of these 70 percent have said that they use their phones to buy online. This was most apparent during the recent holiday season where record numbers of shoppers have used online stores to do their holiday shopping and they used their smartphones to do it and not a laptop or desktop computer.

Smartphones are also being used as an aid to shop at traditional stores. Based on interviews with shoppers, majority of them have used their smartphones to help them locate stores in their area. They also used their smartphones to compare prices, get more information on products and even read reviews before they make a purchase. In fact, 67 percent of smartphone owners said they use social networks, the internet and smartphones in finding reviews on products they?re interested in purchasing.

New location-based services are also enticing smartphone owners to shop. There are applications that will use a smartphones location based features like GPS to alert people if there are promos or sales near the area where they are. These marketing strategies are quite effective in pulling in customers. As location based services and applications mature, you can expect this to become one of the driving forces for shopping.

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