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Social site Shizzlr launches with funding from state of Connecticut

Social site Shizzlr launches with funding from state of Connecticut

Facebook is way ahead of the competition. Most of the social networks are now forgotten (though some people will disagree).

So, why would Nick Jaensch and Keith Besette set to develop, a site dedicated to college students and 20-somethings. Isn’t it that kind of exclusivity that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, took during its early stage? Is just a copycat?

“Facebook is for every person you’ve met or have come across,” Jaensch said. “Shizzlr is for your actual 20 friends and the people you hang out with.”

There must be something to that convinced the founders’ relatives and the state of Connecticut to grant the duo $350,000 in funding. hopes to informally bring together friends who text message social plans. Users opt in those they want to include and see what they are doing.

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“Everybody is involved in a group message, everyone is up-to-date and everyone can give their input,” Jaensch said. “We’re changing the norm about how people make plans.”

The founders said that they will market the website to campus newspapers, student groups, athletic clubs and organizations. They are projecting 50,000 members by May. It’s a long shot to Facebook’s 500 million active users but as long as they stick to their niche, they can still be successful by not necessarily growing big.

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