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South Korean Presidential office launches blog

South Korean Presidential office launches blog

Chong Wa Dae (also know as The Blue House, the South Korean equivalent of The White House) has launched its own blog as part of efforts to “facilitate communication with the people”, a spokesman for the presidential office said Monday.

The Korea Times reports that the blog, named “President’€™s Thoughts These Days,’€™’€™ was opened across three blog providers, on Naver, Daum and Paran.

“We will try to get various information and news of the presidential office out to the Internet users through this Chong Wa Dae Blog, along with the official homepage of Chong Wa Dae,’€™’€™ a spokesman told reporters.

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The blog is complimented by a number of bulletin boards, including the “president’€™s memo’€™” a debate section on current affairs, and a picture page.

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