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SPNbabble micro-blogging posting aggregator launches

SPNbabble micro-blogging posting aggregator launches

spnbabble-logoSiteProNews has announced the launch of its SPNbabble micro-blogging site which allows users to post their short messages to a number of other services including Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Plurk and Tumblr.

Cross-platform posters aren’t a new thing, though SPNbabble does offer up a toolbar (compatible with IE, Firefox and Safari) which may well be useful for those who like to post from within their web browser.

SPNbabble is a short messaging service in its own right, targeted at business professionals but with no barrier to entry.

In an interview with BizWareMagic, CEO Mel Strocen explains the service in more detail.

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Do “web professionals” need another micro-blogging site? Time will tell.

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