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Squash’s 2006 Predictions

Squash’s 2006 Predictions

I don’t know Phil Sim (yes he appears to be Australian…its a bloody great big country you know), and only found the page via Go Flock Yourself this morning, but I’m loving it already, and his list of 2006 predictions really hit the spot. Some of my favorites:

1. When Oprah Winfrey conducts research for her Robert Scoble episode, she mishears something about a rumour about Microsoft or Google buying Opera. Thinking she herself may have suddenly become a Web 2.0 takeover target, she quickly decides to buy Opera herself, renames it as the Oprah browser, changes the colour scheme to lilac, and it quickly become the default browser choice for every female on the planet as well as the celebrity browser of choice.

4. Web 2.x startups start to have trouble recruiting AJAX developers because they’€™re all working on next-generation online poker and interactive porn sites. The Web 2.x community refuse to accept either genre into their fold, most likely because they’€™re making too much money.

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