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St. Louis Mayoral candidate ponders suicide on blog

St. Louis Mayoral candidate ponders suicide on blog

STLToday reports that St Louis Mayoral Candidate Bill Haas says in post to his blog that loneliness, depression and financial problems have led him to consider suicide.

In the post he states that it is “a little bit of a cry for help, and a lot just coming to peace with my passing, and sort of a last note.” It goes on to provide extensive details about Haas’ life, his bouts with depression and his money troubles. It says his “last day” may come sometime this spring or early summer after he euthanizes his three-legged cat and other pets.

“So what’s this about?” he writes. “In a nutshell, I’m 60 years old, still all alone. … Unless something breaks professionally in the next couple of months, I’m going to be out of money and then I’m going to put the animals to sleep and take my life.”

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The report states that Haas confirmed that he made the post and contemplated suicide. “Being out of money and alone are bad things for me,” Haas said in the report. “I’m not going to be on the street and watch my life spiral down.”

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