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Standing Up Against Clickfraud

Standing Up Against Clickfraud

In other (possibly) Google related news, the New York Times reports how some major Madison-type clients are standing up against click fraud.  The topic of clickfraud isn’t new, nor is the handwringing that accompanies most articles, but what is interesting is how, with the strength of their purchasing power, are collectively demanding more accountability out of companies that sell click based advertising (read: Google)

A group of large companies, including Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive and Ford Motor have said that by the middle of 2007, they will demand that online publishers hire auditors to check their ad and viewer counts. And analysts say they believe that online ad growth over the long haul will depend on the eagerness of large advertisers like these to shift more dollars online.

Particularly with Google’s legal might and their willingness to go to the mat for new legal issues, I think perhaps voting with one’s dollars is the best way to effect change.

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