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Steven Hodson joins Mashable

Steven Hodson joins Mashable

One of my more recent adds to my newsreader is Steven Hodson of WinExtra. Over the last few weeks he’s been guesting posting at Mashable, giving him exposure to a broader audience on a very popular blog.

Now he’s announcing that he is joining Mashable as a regular blogger:

I am really looking forward to writing for Mashable and joining an excellent team of bloggers but that doesn’t mean that I will be slowing down my pace of posting here. That said my first official post as a Mashable staffer is now available for your reading pleasure so head over there and read my thoughts on GPS mobile phones and the newest wave of location based social nonsense.

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Steven is someone that I could always count on for a different view on what’s happening in the world of technology – he should make a good addition to the Mashable team…

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