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Susquehanna predicts Yahoo to invest in blogs

Susquehanna predicts Yahoo to invest in blogs

Yahoo! is likely to build and buy tools that help its users create, publish and search blogs, according to Susquehanna Financial Group’s Marianne Wolk .

In a Reuters report, Wolk also said she also expects the company to expand into social networking software, which lets users share and organize content.

“We believe Yahoo is likely to continue to invest in the blogosphere; we see Yahoo building and buying blog tools and RSS search capabilities to complement MyYahoo’s readership/aggregation service,” said Wolk.

Wolk added that she expects a potential new advertising market to grow around blog content.

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We could argue its probably stating the obvious, but its always good to see serious financial groups saying what we’ve been saying here at the Blog Herald since December 2002.

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