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Swedish University uses blog to attract students

Swedish University uses blog to attract students

The Department of Informatics, Physics and Electronics at Umea University, Sweden has entered the blogosphere, with a new blog VadSkDuBli (What will you become?) that they are hoping will encourage new students to study there.

The blog is only being run to April 15, the final date for applications for courses at the University.

The Local reports that the idea behind the blog is for students already attending the university to share their thoughts and experiences at the University with prospective students, and that these shared experiences will act as a positive inducement to obtain new enrolments.

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An in a statement certainly not lost in translation, Mikael Soderstrom at the Institute for Informatics said “The computer is a natural part of young people’s lives and the blog is home territory.. it was natural to create a forum where the students themselves could show what it means to take Umea University’s IT course.”

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