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Syntagma Media Launches Devon & Cornwall Online

Syntagma Media Launches Devon & Cornwall Online

Syntagma Media launched Devon & Cornwall Online as the first of four hyper-local websites covering the west of the United Kingdom. During the harsh economic times traditional media are experiencing, Syntagma aims to fill in the gap in local news coverage created by the nosedive of local print media.

Nobody knows what the scene will be like when the recession/possible depression is over and the movement away from newsprint to online versions has run its course. One thing is certain, local journalism will never be the same again, nor, for that matter, local advertising, especially the “river of gold” — the classifieds.

DCO begins with wide coverage of niche topics, but will expand in a modular way into areas now exclusively undertaken by the press. As the press retreats, we are ready to grow.

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Later this year Syntagma Media Ltd will also launch local news sites for Hants & Dorset (HDO), Somerset & Avon (SAO), and Glos & Wilts (GWO).

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