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Tasmanian politician big notes himself with false first blog claim

Tasmanian politician big notes himself with false first blog claim

Tasmania State Member for Denison David Bartlett (ALP) has big-noted himself in a press release today stating that he is the first Australian politician to write a blog.

Despite a blog existing for some time written by Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett, and blogs for candidates in Western Australia including Graeme Keirath and Craig Carbone, David Bartlett still claims the mantle of first to the blogs in a press release on the Tasmanian Government website.

The release continues with Mr Bartlett stating the site was designed to increase public awareness of what politicians do, and to encourage people to become more active in civic affairs.

“Apart from details of my personal diary, visitors to the web-site will be able to link to speeches, media releases, press clippings and other information.Visitors to the site will be able to contact me directly via email with their feedback and thought. Over time, the site will be expanded to provide a forum for people to comment on issues of public importance. In this way, I hope to give Tasmanians another avenue for participating in our democracy and contributing to the flow of ideas about our future.” said Mr Bartlett.

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How the site is different from a static webpage was not made clear. Visitors to the site will also note no real appearance of a proper blog format or layout.

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