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Technorati on the Authority Changes

Technorati on the Authority Changes

Technorati is explaining the recent news in an email, where they not only pimp the State of the Blogosphere Survey (which should take around 15 minutes to complete), but also mentions the Technorati Writer concept.

There’s also this explanation to the changes to the Technorati Authority for blogs:

Due to the vast number of blogging platforms and custom installations out there (and some bloggers who felt we were using too much of their data), we now rely more heavily on RSS and Atom feeds than in the past. Bloggers can control how much of their content they wish to syndicate via feeds. Many blogs only provide partial feeds, we are not always able to get link data from them. Thus, links from these blogs may no longer contribute to your authority.

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In other words, a full content feed is a good idea if you want to make sure your links count.

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