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The 2020 Pandemic Further Boosts Earnings and Influence of Bloggers

The 2020 Pandemic Further Boosts Earnings and Influence of Bloggers

The reduction of face-to-face interactions had highlighted the need for digitalization of businesses. People stuck in quarantine took it to the internet for most of their needs – supplies, entertainment, connectivity, and even fitness. This is why blog earnings increased significantly during the pandemic.

Economies around the world slowed down as an effect of the current global health pandemic. Millions of people lost jobs and livelihoods. Small businesses took a large hit and are negatively impacted forcing them to cut costs either by closing down locations or reducing the workforce. Influencers are forced to be creative with their content because they choose to stay home.

Blog earnings boosted by 2020 pandemic. Image Source: Pixabay

Blog earnings boosted during the pandemic

Numerous blogs and websites were positively impacted by the pandemic since everyone relied on the internet for many things during government quarantine orders. Here are a few blog niches whose earnings are boosted during the pandemic:

Hobby websites and blogs

Because of the pandemic, people learned how to slow down and enjoy the downtime. With more free time, people starting to go back to their old hobbies. Many people started learning new skills and hobbies at home. This is why hobby websites like gardening, crafts, woodworking, arts, and more are quite popular nowadays. These niches experienced a great boost in earnings during the pandemic.

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New Skills and Further Learning

Some people used the extra time at home to further their education. These include new skills, languages, or even certificate programs available on the internet. Tutorials for multiple topics gained a good amount of internet traffic during the pandemic.

Food blogs, cooking and recipe websites

Watching, sharing, and creating food blogs and content had been quite popular in recent years. This still remains true even during this current pandemic. Instead of featuring dishes from popular restaurants, food bloggers instead started sharing food they made at home.

With the daily grind at work, not many people had the time to enjoy home-cooked meals. Buying food was very common for people in the workforce especially millennials. However, cooking remains a frustrated passion for many. This is why the pandemic brought about the much needed time to enjoy creating wonders in the kitchen.

Cooking at home with limited ingredients and supplies became quite relatable to readers and viewers. This is why any content about food and cooking were in demand. Food blogs, cooking websites, and recipe webpages gained even more internet traffic in the past few months.

Home improvement blogs

What better way to enjoy free time than to redecorate at home? It might be the perfect time to finally do that home project you’ve been planning for so long. Adding accent to rooms, fixing leaky pipes, building a shed for the garden, repainting rooms, redecorating the kitchen – these are just a few of the DIY home improvement activities which are popular.

Health and Fitness websites

This is pretty much one of the blog niches whose earnings were boosted by the quarantine orders. Burning down the calories became a motivation after days of binge eating, cooking non-stop, and snacking. With more time to rest, people have actively taken a good look at their lifestyles. Also, people generally have more energy to exhaust with limited movement at home.

Yoga and stretching exercises became popular as multiple websites offered free online classes. Subscriptions to apartment-friendly exercises were also very in demand. Pages offering meal plans were also quite sought-after.

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Online stores and Websites

With in-store purchases dropping significantly in the past few months, businesses are now geared towards digitizing their inventories. Even large companies have chosen to close multiple locations to fund the digital migration of their brands.

People now rely on the internet to do their groceries and buy other goods. Also, they rely on the internet for ready-to-eat meals as well. Free shipping and discounts are good attention-grabbing tools to increase sales while in this pandemic.

Blog earnings negatively affected by the pandemic

The pandemic did not positively affect all websites and blog niches. In fact, there are a number of niches that are still not out of the woods despite the relaxation of quarantine orders all over the world. Those niches that are most impacted are blog earnings from travel websites.

Traveling has been such a trend over the past few years that blogs from digital nomads are so popular. They post photos of their destinations, local cuisine, and overall experiences. People enjoy looking at these content while they waste away their day at work. However, things took a horrifying turn since the start of 2020.

Travel websites experienced a serious dip in earnings starting the end of February of this year. The organic traffic to travel blogs were reduced significantly. Even though interactions and internet traffic fluctuates throughout the months, it does not look like it’s going to recover very soon. Unless global tourism recovers, travel blogs will have to be creative with their content.

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