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The Blog Herald Shop Is Back Online

The Blog Herald Shop Is Back Online

The Blog Herald Shop had been offline for the past couple of months. Since we moved to our new servers, we couldn’t quite get the associate-o-matic code to work, and admittedly we’ve been busy focusing on making great content. But not wanting to see such a great resource put to waste, we’ve put some elbow grease into it (silly us, it just involved a few minutes’ effort modifying some Apache settings), and we’re proud to announce that the Blog Herald Shop is now back online.

The Shop is basically a collection of merchandise that we think might be of interest to bloggers. These include books about blogging, podcasting, and other new media. And then of course there are the other gadgetry and other publications that you might consider cool. For instance, there’s the set of books about blogging and podcasting, and the Web Marketing books that can help you start your way to earning millions off the Web. Or perhaps we can interest you to a Wired subscription. Or maybe you need some new spiffy accessories for your laptop.

Some of these items are hand-picked by us (with some dating back to the previous editorial teams), while some are automatically-generated through relevant keywords.

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The Blog Herald Shop can be accessed at

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