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The Blogging Nun

The Blogging Nun

Today’s St. Paul-Minneapolis Pioneer Press carries the story of The Blogging Nun:

The flying nun and the singing nun are the fiction of films. But the blogging nun is real.

She’s Sister Irene O’Neill, who belongs to the order of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondolet, and she began posting messages on her Weblog last month.

O’Neill says the sisters’ work may seem invisible to many people, but blogging is a way to share their stories.

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Religious figures have been turning more and more to blogging in recent months as a way to get their message out in a day and age where the mainstream media doesn’t provide in-depth coverage of religious issues. Even Boston’s Archbishop is now blogging, as we’ve covered previously here at The Blog Herald.

Check out The Blogging Nun.

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