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The CrunchCam: Look In On TechCrunch

The CrunchCam: Look In On TechCrunch

CrunchCamTechCrunch obviously wants to save money on “real” surveillance, so they’ll get the nerdosphere to do the job for them, courtesy of the CrunchCam. That’s the fancy word for a webcam setup at the TechCrunch office, streaming live nonstop using Ustream. That’s right, you can watch bloggers blog, for free! And you know what, they might even add a second camera with limited audio, oh the joy!

To be fair, they are doing something with this. Right now I’m seein a dog, a bunch of bloggers behind desks or running around, and a “Today’s Sponsor” whiteboard piece of art. And if you watch it on Ustream, you can tweet about it and end up in the social stream box. That’s always fun, isn’t it?

Hopefully not all bloggers will follow. The mere thought of being able to watch some unwashed guy still in his undies at 3PM scares me a little.

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