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The Internet’s Worst Ad Types Of 2013

The Internet’s Worst Ad Types Of 2013

It is impossible to visit a website these days without seeing pop-up ads, feed recommendation ads and other forms of advertising. While some of those ads are basic images with links, others are just plain annoying.

If you have ever jumped on a site to see lottery scams, male enhancement ads and other annoyances you understand how polluted the internet has become.

The team at InsightsOne recently conducted its 2013 Bad Ads Survey and during that survey they found out which ads annoy customers the most.

Surprisingly it is not necessarily the type of ads (pop-up, auto play videos, etc) that annoys people, it is what they are trying to sell. 

According to the survey the most annoying ads include:

  • Pop-up ads – 70%
  • Lottery scams – 70%
  • Male enhancement ads – 66%
  • Emails from deceased African leaders who have left them money – 64%
  • Ads for products and services they do not need – 58%
  • Female enhancement ads – 54%

The Bad Ads survey for 2012 was conducted Harris Interactive between Feb. 27 and Mar. 1, 2013. The survey included 2,111 adults ages 18 and older.

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Here is the infographic:

Bad Ads Survey 2013

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