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The money mantra and some insight using three grammatical tenses

The money mantra and some insight using three grammatical tenses

What changes after you begin to be paid. There has been many posts of late here on the Herald speaking of bloggers, money and integrity. What about the personal emotions one can feel when experiencing being paid for the first time or all of a sudden having an interactive audience from all over the world to interact with?

I am experiencing this right now. As I write I experience. As I read I learn. As I comment I release. The only thing that truly scares me is money. I understand the value of money. I understand the value of a tree. I understand the idea behind money, but notwhat actually makes money go from one person to another. Sometimes it is given. Sometimes it is baught. Sometimes it is stolen. One way or another what money goes around must come around again or it will end. It is just like a tree. You have a tree. Your tree is dieing. You gather seeds from that dieing tree and plant a baby, maybe even beside it. What if you just let the tree die. Would you go and buy another tree? Would you pluck it from the ground and plant a flower instead? Would you saw the tree in two in hopes of new growth stemming from the stump during the next growing season?

cdnloonie.jpgIt is all about choice. There is no wrong or right way to use money and/or trees. There are just previous examples to look at and future possibilities to consider. But what you choose to do right now, presently, can impact both the past and future of money or the tree. People believe for the most part that they can’t change the past. They believe only the future can be changed. Truely though, think about this:

What you do today will be in the past tomorrow. It will be in the past right now. Now you can look to that past and possibly reconsider what you are doing right now to change the past so it perhaps doesn’t repeat itself in quite the same way. We humans have the ability to learn, to grasp new knowledge and use it or throw it away.

I am in the midst of all three tenses right now. Past experience clouds my mind. An unknown future I dream about. I write it right now.

Overcoming fear of money and success I still dream about. I have been dreaming of such for a long long time. It is all planned out in my dreamscape. Many of the dreams have become reality, that is; what I dreamed also became known to other human beings. It became part of their reality to. In turn their reality touched my dreams becoming a part of my reality. The nice thing is we can choose who, what, where, when and why we dream. As to how we each implement those dreams, is only accurate in the eye of the beholder who created them. No two realities are alike. They are similar sometimes and overlap but are never the same. Even copies are not the same… they are copies.

Blogging has allowed me to go back in time and revisit not only my memory but what I blogged about that day. It also causes me to realize I am not alone. Only in my dreams am I alone and even then I sometimes let others in there and then blog about it. But what I blog is not what I think because I cannot re-produce it accurately to the tee with the words I learn. I can only share what I know, when I know it and if it can be monetized in a way I believe to be honest, then why not do it.

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It is ok to be successful.
It is ok to make money.
It is ok to share.
It is ok to reveal.
It is ok to be you.
And it is ok to change your mind.

When the end comes, all you will see are your dreams. There will be no-one else present but you ;)

I tell myself this mantra often. Because really, money is no different than a tree these days.

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