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The Quirky Quad Targets Millennials

The Quirky Quad Targets Millennials

Occasionally, a really great blog will just jump out at you. These kind of blogs provide good content that effectively targets a specific audience, and the Quirky Quad is one of those blogs.

The Quirky Quad has a very specific reading in mind: the not-so-typical, artistic, quirky millennial. This blog regularly posts blogs that tackle some of the biggest concerns for college students / millennials: relationships, fitness, celebrity culture and the overall college experience, just to name a few.

Though the Quirky Quad says that its articles target a relatively specific audience, most millennials in college will feel right at home on this blog, and that’s what makes it work so well. The Quirky Quad is a good example of a blog that seems to appeal to a very small readership, but it’s a readership that many people feel that they are a part of.

The Quirky Quad

It makes the blog feel special and specific while still having a relatively large group of readers. From the look and feel of the blog, you get a sense that you’re in a space for likeminded people, but there are probably just more likeminded people reading the blog than you might imagine.

But there’s something else that makes the Quirky Quad stand out: the quality of its content. The pieces published on the Quirky Quad aren’t short, half-hearted top 10 lists; instead, they are usually fairly lengthy, well-reasoned and informative pieces that you actually want to read. Surprising, huh?

(The blog itself is organized and easy to use, two points that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.)

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When I decided to write this article, I read quite a few pieces from the Quirky Quad, and I noticed that there are a number of different names for bylines. I don’t think I read two articles from the same writer, so it’s a blog with a relatively large variety of voices.

If you have a great idea for a blog for millennials, send the Quirky Quad a contributor application.

What are some of your favorite quirky blogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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