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These Incredible Hologram Machines Could Change the Vlogging Game Forever

These Incredible Hologram Machines Could Change the Vlogging Game Forever

Hologram machines are equipment that could revolutionize communication. These are machines that can project three-dimensional images without the use of special accessories like glasses or cameras. The goal of these machines is to produce projected images that could be viewed at any angle, allowing any person to perceive the projected image as if it is a real object when walking around it.

Blogging, particularly video blogging, could benefit so much from these hologram machines. This technology will allow newer levels of interaction between the audience and the blogger. Also, it would be really cool to watch your favorite blogger do their presentations as if they are there in real-time. This allows seeing actual portions of ingredients in cooking blogs. Holograms also allow being able to accurately follow exercise routines and home workouts. This technology pushes blogging into its limits.

To date, there is no real deal 360-degree, full 3D hologram technology just how we all have pictured it in the movies. However, researchers and tech companies have been on the lookout for hologram machine development. Many companies have done so for years. In fact, many companies have previously released early prototypes of their development. Here are some incredible hologram machines on development right now:


One London-based tech company has been developing 3D displays and holographic technology. Instead of a tabletop hologram machine, the company offers hologram walls. They already have 3D imaging products available like a 3D creation software and a 3D library.

HYPERVSN has a goal feature called HyperFaces. This is a feature that allows the user to add 3D filters to an image to alter anyone’s physical appearance. This could be very helpful for lifestyle and fashion blogs. Showing makeup or clothing demonstrations could benefit from HyperFaces.

One of the original goals of HYPERVSN, when it was first being developed, is holographic gaming. It would allow the user to be fully immersed in the game, similar to VR but without all the unnecessary equipment, headsets, and earphones. This would be great for game blogs.

One of the interesting goals of HYPERVSN is the 3D Modeler. This feature should allow its users to take apart images, move, and zoom them around with a swipe of the hand. Just like how characters do it in the movies, this is such a helpful feature for many demonstrative blogs. Architecture blogs, car repair blogs, home tour blogs, and more are among the niches that could surely benefit from this feature.


Unlike most companies that offer hologram solutions for businesses, HOLOPORTL is the world’s first at-home hologram technology. These machines are sized like phone-booths and could be used to project hologram feeds or images of any individual.


One of the main goals of HOLOPORTL is “When you can’t BE there, BEAM there”. This is what is called “interactive telepresence”. The company offers satellite technology that could be used to transmit live, real-time data. This could be great to use for broadcasting companies on their live news reports. In fact, the necessity of hologram technology was highlighted after the stay-at-home orders due to the current 2020 health pandemic.

This could be great for watching live vlogs and shows online. It’s just like watching content on your phone but better since the machine projects real-sized images.

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The HOLOPORTL was already used in the Los Angeles Comic Con of 2019. The company showcased both live interactive telepresence and pre-recorded playbacks. The downside to this machine is that it could only project the image of a single individual.


The Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (or ETRI) is the first in the world to create a full 360-degree hologram projection. This means that they are the first in the world to create hologram images that could be viewed at any angle. It feels like looking at an object when going around it.

The technology currently created only is about 3-inch and is created by a tabletop display unit. Their ultimate goal is to create holographic televisions by 2021. Although holographic TV seems unrealistic at this point, the research of ETRI is definitely promising.

Hologram of the Future

Hologram technology already exists in today’s society. In fact, IDs released by the government (like the driver’s license) have security holograms that change in color and shape when tilted. Large scale holograms go all out – they offer 3D live images that could be beamed anywhere at any time. They could be interactive or pre-recorded. These kinds of technologies would benefit not only blogging but the entire business industry.

There are so many cool and interesting benefits to the development of hologram technology. It could benefit the retail industry through product presentations. This technology could also help the entertainment industry by creating more interactive content like gaming, casinos, and shows. The medical industry could benefit through the recording of critical operations and procedures for the benefit of students and doctors in other parts of the world. The communications industry would surely benefit because it allows people to meet together without actually being together.

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