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This Time the Joke’s on TechCrunch

This Time the Joke’s on TechCrunch

Facebook has been having some fun with the folks over at TechCrunch, rolling out a Fax This Photo feature for the tech blog’s writers only. Jason Kincaid wrote a post about this brand new feature, which doesn’t exist outside of the TC office, and then spoke to the Facebook PR rep.

Hey Jason,

We’ve been testing this product since 1992, and we are thinking that we will be launching this “innovative” feature at TechCrunch 50.

What do you think???

Hilarious, and obviously TechCrunch has to detail it all in a blog post.

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You won this round, Facebook. Enjoy your victory.

Gotta love some good humored pranks. Question is, how will this affect the next Facebook post on TechCrunch?

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