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Thou shalt not blog at work or at school

Thou shalt not blog at work or at school

A couple of stories floating around on bans against blogs. US schools are at it again and apparently blogs have joined condoms on the list of Catholic no-no’s at the Pope John XIII Regional High School in Sparta, New Jersey, with a the Reverend Kieran McHugh telling 900 students at a recent assembly that effective immediately, they would have to dismantle their personal blogs on sites such as and and any other blogging service, or face suspension.

Forgive me father, for I have sinned, for today I posted to my blog….

And there’s been plenty of buzz on the finding that American’s are more interested in reading blogs at work than working, with my favorite headline award going to the Lone Star Times for this: “Ruthless fascist bosses block access to blogs“.

The real question remains, in 2010 when Googlzon controls the internet, will they block access to all other blogging platforms accept Blogger? :-)

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