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Three Join Duncan at The Inquisitr

Three Join Duncan at The Inquisitr

Duncan Riley, who left TechCrunch to launch his own site, have announced his team at The Inquisitr.

  • Pop Writer: Meieli Sawyer Detoni
  • Tech Writer: JR Raphael
  • Tech Writer: Minic Rivera

The first name is new to me, but I’m not so into the celebpop world. Most of you will probably recognize the last name, since Minic’s been a writer here at The Blog Herald previously, and on 901am as well.

So far, I find The Inquisitr a good read, but I’d like to give it a few weeks more before giving it my final verdicts, although I have faith in Duncan’s abilities. After all, he did found the site you’re reading right now, back in the day.

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