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Top 5 Blogs on Productivity

Top 5 Blogs on Productivity

Top 5 Blogs on Productivity

With days that pass by too quickly and hours that do not seem to go the full 60 minutes, your free time can feel limited. It can feel like there just is not enough time in the day to be as productive as you would like, much less take up some extracurricular reading. These 5 blogs on productivity will be your one-stop-shop for reaching your best self during those days when it feels like your to-do list is never-ending, and the time will not stand still.

These five productivity blogs will give you a nudge in the right direction, no matter what your schedule looks like. Not all days look the same, and not all levels of productivity are the same for everyone. The great thing about these 5 blogs is their elasticity to meet you where you are in life.

Mark Manson – Life Advice Productivity Blog

Firstly, if you are new to who Mark Manson is, he is an established author who is not afraid to tell the truth. Even when the truth is ugly, or uncomfortable, he still finds a way to turn it around for the better. He specializes in life advice to get you out of your funk and start living your life with purpose and full of potential. He has several books titled around being your truest self, unwavering through the influence of others, but also taking initiative in your own life.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – Useful Productivity Blog with Humor

Eric Barker is an expert at giving you what you need at the level you need it. He brings a level of comedy to his blogs to draw you in and then once you are there it can be difficult to walk away because of how helpful and interesting the entry is. His blogs range from productivity to happiness, habits to relaxation, the list goes on. His two books “Barking Up the Wrong Tree” and “Plays Well With Others” center around relationships and success, respectfully.

Pick the Brain – Erin Falconer – Self Improvement Productivity Blog

Erin Falconer focuses her website on self-improvement and being purposeful in your life. It is not the traditional self-help that only focuses on small topics. Falconer takes a much more diverse approach using any and every piece of information that could be used to better someone’s life whether that be their productivity, motivation, self-improvement, or health. She also has two books focused on productivity and relationships, particularly friendships and choosing your peace over a friendship label.

Marie Forleo 

At her core, Marie Forleo is a curious optimist determined to get the most out of everything in life and to help others do the same. She is the kind of girl that many want in their corner. Her productivity blog focuses on using your own dreams and passions to create real results in your life while also putting your energy and effort into things you truly are passionate about. The primary mindsets she stands behind is bringing your true and complete self to the table. No matter what to achieve your highest potential.

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James Clear

Chances are you have read or at least heard of “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. It took the internet by storm. Procrastinators and type-A personalities alike were running to the bookstore to pick this book up. James Clear writes about making every day 1% better. The book focuses on building habits naturally and having a journey of growth. His blog not only has features on productivity, but also focus, life lessons, habits, self-improvement, and more. His stance on productivity is not the premise of getting as much done per day as possible. Instead, he is focus is getting things that are important done within the time given to you. That may be 2 things, or it could be 15 things. It is truly dependent on the situation. Ask yourself, what is important to you to make the day, week, month, etc., productive?

Wrap Up

To conclude, this list is by no means conclusive. However, this list of 5 wonderful productivity blogs will give you the boost you need to get your productivity flowing.

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