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The Top Health Bloggers You Should Be Following

The Top Health Bloggers You Should Be Following

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There are literally thousands of healthy blogs out there, but not every one is full of information you can trust. With such an important topic like your personal health, you should be very careful at what health blogger you put your trust in.

However, there are several top sites that are dedicated to bringing their readers the best in healthly diet and exercise news. Here are a round-up of some of the top health blogs that you should be following.

Weighty Matters

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Unlike many poplar health blogs, Weighty Matters was created by a true medical professional, Yoni Freedhoff, M.D., director of the Bariatric Medical Institute. This blog tackles tough topics like the role fast food plays in our unhealthy diet and the obesity epidemic. Dr. Freedhoff also shares the latest in health-related news.

The Blogging Dentist

One aspect of a healthy lifestyle that seems to be overlooked by many health bloggers is dental health. However, The Blogging Dentist is doing his part to make sure that people understand how important oral hygiene is and the latest trends in dental care, such as the future of bite correction.

Chris Kresser


You can pretty much call Chris Kresser an expert when it comes to alternative medicine. After all, he has dedicated the last 15 years to educating the public about it. Kresser is also a best-selling author with his hit, Your Personal Paleo Code. On his blog, Kresser writes about all kinds of health-related topics, but his most popular posts are paleo-friendly recipes and tips on how to life a paleo lifestyle.

Wellness Mama

With a motto like “simple answers for healthier families”, Wellness Mama provides plenty of tips and tricks to make sure that your family is as healthy as possible. Her most popular posts discuss trending health topics, such as adult coloring as a stress reliever. She also writes about ways to be environmentally healthy, like a recent post on how to reduce your household’s plastic use.

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Tiny Buddha


Tiny Buddha is not just a blog but also a social community aimed at educating people about the importance of mental care. Dedicated to reminding people to relax and embrace happiness, Tiny Buddha calls itself the “leading source for peace and happiness”.

These blogs are all great for getting inspiration and ideas on how to life a healthy and happy life. However, most of these bloggers are not healthcare professionals. Before trying any idea that could impact your health, you should always consult your doctor.

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