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Tropical TV Man says Newspapers being killed by blogs

Tropical TV Man says Newspapers being killed by blogs

Jason Salas, of NBC affiliate KUAM News in Guam, has written that Newspapers are a dying medium, and their impending death in a result of blogs.

He contiunes: “The rise in blogging applications and the millions of people flocking to use them, serving as ad hoc reporters, has already blurred the definition of what a traditional professional in our beloved field is. One of the main advantages of being a journalist in years past was that you belonged to a somewhat-elite industry, meaning only that you had to be officially employed as such. Now anyone can just jump in and arguably be legitimate…most newspapers will fall victim to their own ignorance/arrogance and failure to realize they’re too far behind the times until it’s too late. They’ll be dead before they know it – a sad but not unexpected casualty in the name of industrial progress. ”

Whether old media relents and gets with the program or withers away is yet to be seen, but its interesting to note that even from Guam, mainstream media commentators are catching on.

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