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TV Week legal action makes the MSM in Australia

TV Week legal action makes the MSM in Australia

james packer shot
Following up from the story yesterday about lawyers on behalf of the Scientology owned James Packer owned TV Week threatening legal action against bloggers supporting the HotDogs 4 Gold Logie campaign, Western Australia’s own Sunday Times (the paper we all buy even though every weekend I say to my wife after reading it why did we by it again because its full of…you know what) has picked up the story here.

Like all MSM though they love to take credit for these stories despite the fact it was all over the Australian blogosphere yesterday…but atleast its getting some press I guess.

PS. I haven’t got my legal threat yet TV Week! Has Xenu not given the order yet??? We see though that the HotDogs Blogspot site has been changed to Hotdogs for Gold-coloured Australian Television Industry Statuettte.

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