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Tweeting for Companies 101

Tweeting for Companies 101

Tara Hunt, over at HorsePigCow, provides companies with some background & simple guidelines for business use of Twitter in a post entitled Tweeting for Companies 101:

Twitter can be an amazingly powerful platform for connecting to your community as well as driving traffic to the various properties you want people to go. Having an event? Tweet it out! Launched a new bag? Tweet it out!

The key to Twitter is the level of listening you do as well as talking. It is definitely supposed to be an interactive program. And, in fact, this is where you build the majority of your Whuffie (aka social capital). The more you interact on Twitter, the more people will interact with you, which attracts others to you as well.

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A good read if you’re working with business clients who perhaps just don’t get the whole Twitter thing…

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